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Welcome to
Pilgrim's Rest Farm

KuneKune Pigs, Pastured Poultry, Grass Fed Beef & More

Meet the Garvins

We moved to Winchester, Virginia from Caldwell, Idaho in July 2017 to be closer to our son and his family.  We had a 5 acre homestead in Idaho where we raised chickens for both eggs and meat, yaks and turkeys.  We also had a large garden.  We wanted the same lifestyle and opportunities to produce food for our family and others here as well.  We found 6.5 unrestricted acres that were almost all pasture and the adventure began again.  6 years later we find ourselves with pigs, cows, chickens, ducks, an orchard and an 8,000 sqft garden!


Everything We Offer

Free Range

Hormone Free

Grass Fed

We believe that the land is a gift to be stewarded wisely.  We seek to do that on the 6.5 acres we have been blessed with.  We raise our animals on fresh grass and sunshine with limited non-GMO supplementation and no added hormones.  Cows and pigs get to roam and graze.  Chickens and ducks do likewise but they also chase bugs and eat worms that they find.  Our goal is a healthy, natural life for all of the animals in our care.  

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